So this all started back in July 2021, when I get to know about crypto with some good understanding. It was a very big hype in 2020 as we all know. So in July 2021 I got familiar with a platform Binance. I started learning more and more about this…

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Your insurance company benefits, when you play it safe.

But our founders have other ideas. When our founder passed away, he left his last message,

Stop Looking for an advice, go out and do something and stick to it. Remember everything is a risk, getting married, having a baby or crossing the street. I would stick around, but I have new businesses to attend to. Now go take a risk.

Limiting risk was his living. Embracing risk was his life.

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Are the most successful people in society just the luckiest people?

What does it take to succeed? What are the secrets of the most successful people? Judging by the popularity of magazines such as Success, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur, there is no shortage of interest in these questions. There is…

SEOUL — For many would-be entrepreneurs, Harvard’s prestigious MBA program provides an important step in the journey from dreamer to founder.

But for Bom Kim, that step was quicker than most. Just six months into the program, he dropped out, determined to make it on his own. …

SYDNEY — It’s one thing to start a company. It’s quite another to start one that competes with tech titans like Microsoft and Adobe.

But that’s exactly what Australian entrepreneur Melanie Perkins did when she built a design product to rival the tech giants.

“Our goal was to take the…

Pile of Dollars

Let’s talk about how to actually execute the process of making money online consistently so that you can create a new income stream and start bringing in an honest income.

$5000 a month may seem like a lot, however, it isn’t when you break it down the products/services with their…

You’ve probably heard about how the new WordPress Gutenberg editor brings block-based editing to WordPress.

There is a change going on behind the scenes that casual users might not notice, that Gutenberg blocks are made using JavaScript (React, JSX, and ES6), not PHP. …

Whether you’re looking to begin coding as a hobby, a new career, or just to enhance your current role, the first thing you’ll have to do is decide which programming language you want to start with.

There is no right answer, of course. Choosing the first language will depend on…

Making $100,000 a year in revenue seems impossible when you’re still learning how to make your first sale. You might say that only the rich or highly educated can make that amount of money, but don’t let negative thinking hold you back– in business, anything is possible. Making $100,000 a…

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