How I Made $3,599 Just Trading in Crypto in Only a Month (All Profit)

So this all started back in July 2021, when I get to know about crypto with some good understanding. It was a very big hype in 2020 as we all know. So in July 2021 I got familiar with a platform Binance. I started learning more and more about this platform and I got to know that trading crypto was not a big problem. Seriously, It was really easy and I enjoyed seeing my money getting more value.

It was very simple to get started you just have to make an account give your bank details. And there is no fee for signing up. You verify yourself. And you just start digging into it and start making money. You can invest any side money which is being saved in your home or bank account. So the idea is very clear, Now you have a Binance account. And the first step you have to do is to buy USDT or BUSD. These are the digital currencies you have to buy from your dollars or any currency you have in your bank account. If you are facing problem in getting started on Binance. Just go and watch a Youtube tutorial on it and you will ready to hustle in some minutes.

Now just go and see you wallet in Binance and it will be bumped up with some USDT or BUSD you have bought. Now you go to Exchange, now that’s where we all get so much excited. Here are some graphs and the value is going up and down. Now what you should do is to go to market and just click on gainers. From there you will get to know that which Crpto currency got how much change in 24 hours. And that’s where you decide to pick a certain Crpto Currency and you just come in the exchange of Binance and set your price in which you want to buy.

Real Example:

For Example, you want to buy 1 C98 coin and it’s price is 3.0. Now you will enter the amount you want of C98 and also the amount of USDT from which you want to buy this coin. And if the price you have mentioned of C98 as 3.0 and the market price is same you will successfully have your C98 coins. Now you wait for the value to go up. And here is the real twist, you don’t just sit in the front of computer, mobile or laptop for a whole day. You just set the limit and it will sell it for you.

For Example, You bought this coin for 3.0. And now to gain some profit you want to sell it on 3.5. And yeah, this will be a huge profit if you have invested something like $1000 in it. Now you have set the price at 3.5. And when the market price of C98 will be equal to 3.5 your C98 coins will automatically be sold in open market at the rate you have specified. And boom you have got your first profit.

Now calculate the profit on it. We bought 333.33 C98 coins when it’s price was 3.0 from $1000 USDT. And now we have sold it for 3.5 in the open market. And we just got the profit of $48. This is huge because you can do this thing several times a day and your money is working for you not you yourself.

Bonus Tip:

Keep an eye on the new coins introduced by the Binance. Because recently many new coins are introduced and their initial values were like 0.98 something. And Now they are on 3.5 and 4.9. Which means that if you invest in them at the starting point you can get the profit of 300%-400% which is huge. This means that if you have invested earlier in some coin like $1000. After some days you can wrap up like $3000-$4000. Yeah, just in some days or some hours. And I have actually done that and saw them reaching this milestone.



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